Same Day Dental Crowns Tulsa, OK

The placement of dental crowns is frequently cited as the patient concern that keeps them from visiting the dentist.

This worry has been connected in part to how frequently you must visit the dentist’s office and how long you must spend in the dental chair overall. Although it might be a painful and drawn-out process, there is now a simpler way to regain your dental health.

Single-visit crowns are a practical approach to getting the crowns you need, and scheduling a single appointment and getting the same quality of dental care is simpler than you would have thought.

A dental crown is a restoration procedure in which a tooth or dental implant is entirely covered or capped by a unique substance that resembles your original tooth.

This protects the tooth and creates a biting surface that works like your natural tooth.

As patients typically don’t perceive a difference between their dental crown and their natural tooth, dental crowns are also cosmetically beautiful.

Crowns used to need to be fitted across several visits to the dentist to guarantee perfect placement, but modern technology now makes it possible to do so in only one.

There are a few scenarios under which a dental crown might be the best choice, and we will let you know the specifics of the need for one which can include:

  • Missing or crooked teeth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • A patient who has undergone root canal treatment
  • Large dental fillings
  • Teeth with chipped, cracks, or teeth that are broken
  • Decaying teeth

You might want to discuss the possibility of crowns with us if you suffer from any of the conditions above.

If so, you should ask us about the procedure for placing the crown to see if they have the knowledge and tools to do a single-visit dental crown.

Dental crowns typically need a minimum of two appointments to be completed for most of our patients.

Single-visit crowns save time by allowing us to perform the entire procedure in a single visit without requiring additional appointments.

This decreases the time it takes you to get to work and schedule appointments and lowers the possibility of longer recuperation times.

As single-visit crowns are created, machined, and put all in one day, we can complete the procedure quickly and effectively.

The time and expense involved in shipping a dental crown to a different location to be milled by another practice is also reduced when this procedure is finished in a single day.

According to research, sustaining your dental crown or crowns primarily depends on maintaining excellent oral hygiene and regular maintenance.

Regular dental checkups, flossing, and brushing, are all part of this. Your frequent dental checkups can help identify difficulties when they are easier to address, and this routine treatment can help prevent any problems from arising later.

Schedule an appointment with us today as soon as possible if you notice any problems with your dental crown.

The extensive procedure for getting a dental crown has been simplified to only one office visit. Because of technological advancements and the availability of equipment at our Tulsa dentist office, single-visit crowns are now attainable in just one visit. A single visit crown fitting and installation has many advantages for both the patient and the facility. Contact us to discuss your options if you’re thinking about getting a crown.