Laser Dentistry Tulsa, OK

We may suggest restoration treatment if you have missing teeth or if certain portions of your natural teeth need repair. It could be necessary due to:

  • Fracture or damage
  • Deterioration of a previous repair
  • Decay

Dental restorations come in various forms, and the type of restoration needed depends on the extent of the required dental work. Here are some available options:


Fillings, made from gold, silver amalgam, or tooth-colored composite resin, are a common and straightforward dental restoration. They can be placed in your tooth during a single visit to your dentist’s office.


Crowns, tooth-shaped caps, are a popular restoration choice. They are meticulously designed and colored to match your existing teeth closely. Crowns can be placed over implants to replace missing teeth or support a bridge, seamlessly restoring your teeth’ strength, appearance, shape, and size.


Dental implants offer a robust solution for missing, damaged, or unsightly teeth. Comprising a titanium screw inserted into the jaw bone, a crown as a replacement tooth, and an abutment holding them together, implants are a permanent solution that allows for normal daily activities without any disruption.


For individuals with multiple missing teeth, a bridge may be recommended. Dental bridges consist of false teeth designed to bridge the gaps left by missing teeth. Anchored to natural teeth with crowns, they are securely cemented in place.


Dentures, available as complete or partial sets, can replace all or some of your teeth. While removable, dentures are less popular than implants, requiring removal for certain foods.


Root canal treatment is necessary when a cavity reaches the nerve chamber, or a tooth’s nerve becomes infected. Quick treatment is essential to prevent the spread of infection. During root canal treatment, the dentist cleans the nerve chamber of bacteria and/or dying tissue before filling it to protect against further infections.


Veneers, ultra-thin porcelain moldings custom-created for your tooth, are bonded to the tooth’s surface for restoration. They are commonly used to restore chipped or misshapen teeth and are appreciated for their cosmetic value.

If you need dental restoration treatment, consult us, who can guide you on the most suitable option for your needs.